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    Smart Home Starter Kits

    Experience the benefits of home automation with our product bundles.

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      Pamper and spoil you

      Let smart climate control provide you with maximum comfort.

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        Fibaro Home Center App

        Everything there is to know about the new Fibaro smartphone app

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          Smarter is sexy

          Add romance & style to your home with a touch of home intelligence.

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            A quick scan of your home

            A smart home can communicate with you on the things that matter most.

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            The future is wireless

            The future is wireless

            Thanks to their modular design and interoperability, wireless protocols such as Z-Wave & Zigbee focus on connecting devices in your smart home.  

            A much lower power alternative to Wi-Fi, but with a much better range than Bluetooth, they allow you to start small, and build up by adding more devices anytime to suit your needs and lifestyle.  

            Your ability to start now and defer larger investment decisions until later are your best reasons to go wireless.  

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