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Canary - World's 1st consumer home security product

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We like the idea of an unorthodox security device.  Canary has an HD camera with night vision with 170 degrees wide angle lens, high quality microphone and speaker, RGB LEDs, 3-axis accelerometer, motion detection (passive infrared), temperature sensor and an air quality sensor all enclosed in a tidy cylinder shaped package.  Why buy multiple devices when you can just have one.

This is a remarkable device that enables you to keep an eye on everything in your home while you are away and will send alerts to your phone if anything unexpected happens.  Whether it detects an unwanted guest or a potential fire, it will notify you immediately.

We are really impressed with the design philosophy behind their hardware, and equally excited about their software and the data processing component in the cloud.  

On paper, Canary seems to tick all the boxes and should be a breeze to install and setup, and it apparently learns and adjusts the frequency of alerts sent to you over time based on continued use.  So we can rest assured that we won't be receiving many false alarms.

The product was successfully crowd funded and has recently entered pre-order stage.  We got so excited that we pre-ordered a few of these.  

Unfortunately, we don't expect delivery of our Canary until end of July 2014, in the mean time, we can only hope it delivers on the hype.

Because Canary is a WiFi product that comes with it's own iOS app, we really don't know whether it is possible to integrate or control within FIBARO.  We quietly hope Canary will eventually release a developer API or allow access control via TCP or HTTP so we can try to set it up as an IP Camera or a Virtual Device within FIBARO Home Center 2.  

We will certainly let you know once we get our hands on this cool device and give it a try.

Check out the Canary website for more information.

Below is the promotional videos.


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