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SONOS – So simple, even for a technophobe

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Okay, so I am first to admit that I have always feared and avoided new technology. I am usually the one who gets my brother, who is always installing his PC, setting up arcade machines, playing with new gadgets, to set up my home system and anything electronic. Sound familiar?

This time, I really wanted to find a music system that I could listen to my favourite music throughout the house. What I have seen and heard at a friend's place is that sound systems are expensive investments, and moreover, complex and better left to the experts... right? 

So when I learnt that there was a music system that was very easy to install and configure, well, I was, you guessed it, sceptical. 

So, I built up my courage and bought the SONOS Play:5 system (had to the best). I took it home, still too scared to tackle it. At last, I finally decided to open the box at 11:00pm that night. I carefully unboxed the unit and then took out the instructions. SHOCK HORROR !!! There were only 4 bullet points in the instructions manual. What was I suppose to do?!

I read through Step 1 - Connect the bridge, Step 2 - do this, Step 3 - do that...... okay, I am not going to bore you, but seriously, it took me 5 minutes to read Step 1 – 4 over 5 times in disbelief that it could be that simple. So, then I started.

The process of connecting the bridge (optional) was so simple, it was literally one click of a button. Then I placed my SONOS where I wanted it. Connection successful. Install software, successful. Download app on AppStore, successful lo and behold.... Done and it was ready to bring my music to life. This set up literally took me less than 15 minutes. And the sound quality is superb.  I could not believe it!!! 

I fell in love with the SONOS music system instantly. I am proud to be able to introduce this fantastic product to everyone. 

Below are some of the great SONOS features that melted my heart: 

  • Connect to my favourite radio stations from around the world and stream them anytime through my SONOS
  • Play my favourite music no matter where they are stored – iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Podcasts and my old MP3's collection on the PC
  • Control my music from any room via my iPhone and iPad
  • Ability to add more speaker or combination of speakers at a later date
  • No lag in my music streaming
  • No messy wires!!!

For you, choosing the right SONOS is very simple.  Choose where you want your music and place a SONOS speaker in that spot that meets your listening needs, whether it's on the entertainment unit next to your TV, living room, dining area, or even outdoor. 

If that wasn’t enough, there are additional components you can add to bring even greater sound and joy to your life.


 SONOS: Playbar


The SONOS range of products work with FIBARO.

To book a showroom demo to see SONOS in action and how it works together with FIBARO, you can simply email us at or click on the button below. 

I will leave you with a great video showing the wonderful range of products in SONOS music system.


Comments on this post (2)

  • Jun 04, 2015

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for your question.

    Regarding integrating Sonos with Fibaro, there is a Sonos Plug-in for Fibaro HC2 (firmware 4.x) which enables you to control Sonos speakers (maybe Amp) so you can do all the functionality out of the box.

    For Fibaro HC2 with older firmware & HCL, you can use Virtual Devices.

    Whilst you can also use Fibaro Wall Plug to turn appliances on/off, I am not aware of any possibility to control volume using the Fibaro Dimmer.

    Hope it helps.


    — Terence Chang

  • May 09, 2015

    I know Sonos and intend to install an extensive Fibaro system. THe question I have: Can I control the Sonos Amp with a regular wall switch and – for example – the Fibaro dimmer – in order to have the following functionality:
    - Turn On
    - Turn Off
    - Control Volume (dimming up / down)
    Thanks and best regards

    — Thomas Kneip

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