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LaunchPort – the elegant charging wall mount for iPads

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When you google “Wall-mount for iPad”, chances are you will find lots of different wall mount solutions for your beloved tablet.  Most of them includes brackets, mounting frames and cable slots that require wiring and screwing in that leaves your iPad unattractive and stationary.  Like the picture below, most solutions offer limited mobility and cannot easily hide the cable whilst charging.

We believe the iPad should be free from any restrains when we choose to use it with FIBARO to be the main home automation controller, or depending on preference, to use it as an ordinary iPad whenever we want.  So we set out to find an elegant and innovative product that we think is elegant and can make the iPad a centrepiece of the home automation set up.

What we found constitutes a solution that is both innovative and removes the conventional limitations to deliver on simplicity, elegance and maintains the mobility of the iPad.

LaunchPort uses magnets for its iPad sleeve and station to mount and charge the tablet. It uses wireless inductive charging so to hide and completely removes the need for the charging cable. LaunchPort also allows us to rotate our iPad by using the provided detents for alignment to portrait and landscape orientations.

From a design perspective, LaunchPort is a compact unit that is aesthetically closest to an Apple product. LaunchPort comes in black and white colours to match your iPad, and sleeves that nicely fit iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad Mini.

We think LaunchPort is simply the best looking wall and base station products to compliment your iPad. Many of us will put a wall station at a central location in the home making it easily accessible during the day, and use a base station in the bedroom, so you can easily check and remotely turn off any device in other rooms before going to bed.  We think this would be the most common configuration for most homes, whether a house or in an apartment unit.

For those who bought an iPad Air recently, LaunchPort has just released the sleeve for your latest iPad.

We are impressed with the style, elegance and quality of LaunchPort and we think it is a classy addition to your automated abode.

As a reseller, the LaunchPort range of products are now available at Liferoome.

To see and experience the LaunchPort product that's right for you, you can book an appointment by emailing us at or click on the button below.

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