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FIBARO is wireless. Not C-Bus

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FIBARO is a new wireless home automation system.  It's kind of like "C-Bus" except without the need for extra wiring and cabling with a vastly easier customer interface and better expandability.

Installing the FIBARO system can help save you up to 30% of your electricity costs.  It pays for itself in as little as 3 years.

FIBARO is also cheaper, easier to use and faster to install and maintain, and has more features than any other home automation product on the market today.  

Because it is a wireless system, FIBARO can be easily retro-fitted to any home or apartment building.  

Its bullet-proof reliability makes it the ideal choice with a low total cost of ownership whilst maintaining the highest return of investment for home owners and property investors alike.  

FIBARO is the market leading home automation product in Europe, US and Singapore.  Luxury apartments such as Thomson 3 - Singapore are now offering FIBARO system as standard in many of its high end apartment mix.

In the past 18 months, FIBARO has expanded to many more countries including Australia & New Zealand.  Below is the latest map where customers can find and buy FIBARO products & professional services.

Due to its relatively low cost - at around 20% of the total cost of competing systems, and its European design & build quality, Liferoome and our partners choose FIBARO wireless home intelligence over hardwired BUS systems to make the dream of smart home a reality for everyone.

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