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Infographic: The Cost of Flooding and How To Avoid It

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We would like to share with you a fantastic infographic (courtesy of My Alarm Center) on the real cost of flood and water damage to your home or apartment.

We all know that flood and water damage to your home can be costly to repair.  But did you know that the average repair cost after the incident can be upwards of $15,000?  That's 12 months worth of groceries for an average household.

Furthermore, you may incur further liabilities if you live in an apartment with neighbours or tenants below your floor whose property is also damaged due to floor water from your unit.

At Liferoome, we recommend buying and installing the award winning FIBARO Flood Sensor so that you can be the first to be alerted via email, text and/or FIBARO mobile app should there be a water related incident detected in your home.

Early detection can be the difference between you attending to the problem quickly, thus avoiding a repair bill or a costly lesson once it is too late.  

Moreover, when combined with other FIBARO devices, you can design a complete water prevention, notification and incident management solution based on your lifestyle needs.  

For example, you can program the FIBARO system to automatically alert you, then shut off the water valve and nearby appliances to minimise the water damage.  

This is especially important if you are away or on holiday and cannot get home immediately.  The FIBARO system offers safety and peace of mind that your smart home can alert, prevent and automatically minimise water damage saving you money, headache and heartache.   

You can check out the FIBARO Flood Sensor and other related products from our products page.

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