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New FIBARO products in the US of A

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FIBARO has just announced a number of new concept/prototype products at CEDIA Expo 2014 in Denver, USA.

Stay tuned for more info.


Wall Plug US

The Wall Plug US - a remotely controlled, compact, plug-n-play outlet advanced adapter, that allows You to manage two devices and control their energy consumption. Two additional USB charge ports and 90 degrees rotation!


Player - a wireless speaker, which enables You to play your favorite digital music collection in every room!

- Streaming audio from popular music services (In case of no songs found, THE PLAYER will automatically start to search free sites and known databases and automatically suggest to user the most matched song or album) 
- Streaming audio with individual libraries (in the absence of finding the song from automatic search above) 
- Voice control 
- Interpretation of the voice command for the purposes of cooperation with HC. 
- voice feedback from HC and THE PLAYER. 
- Voice identification of the location of the user position (requires min 2 unit PLAYER) 
- Additional mobile applications 
- Induction charging. 
- Battery backup for about 8 hours 
- The possibility of hanging on the wall / ceiling.


Button - A compact, battery - powered device that allows You to run pre-defined scenarios!

- Battery powered (battery life up to 3years *) 

- 3 configurable actions (1click, 2click, hold) 
- Opportunity to work in a group, the PIN CODE mode. (you may links several buttons for special (hidden) actions, example: 2x click red + 1x click green = special action). 
- available in 7-10 colours.


Intercom allows You to identify your visitor and to have a conversation with him even if You are not at home. 180 degrees camera together with few built-in directional microphones and display opens up a whole new range of possibilities!

- Visual and Sound Identification of the location of the user position. 
- High resolution image covering an area of ​​180 degrees. 
- Interpretation of human speech commands. 
- WIFI, BLE, GSM, ETH interfaces. 
- 12h battery backup 
- 2 controllable relay outputs (possibility to control wicket and gate) 
- 2 controllable NO/NC inputs (the ability to call action of any wired source) 
- Sound and visual communication to the user (including built-in Display) 
- Built-in motion sensor 
- Built-in thermometer 
- The second individual control application (independent of FIBARO app). 
- Individual cooperation with cloud based service in the case of absence of HC. 
- Additional video streams optimised for the needs of the GSM network. 
- Cooperation with another INTERCOM device, in master/slave mode 
- The ability to work with multiple devices in intercom mode (internal call out to other intercom's and mobile devices).


Developer is not strictly a product, FIBARO announced the launch of a brand new service called FIBARO Developer. By using this platform You will gain the access to FIBARO Rest API documentation, full LUA language documentation and last but not least – all the necessary information You need to construct your own plugins! Check it out right now on

That's all for now.

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