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Canary - Hands On (Now Available)

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It's finally here !!!

It's not often that we get excited over a home security product, but Canary is one that we genuinely are keen to check out ever since we pre-ordered this back in November 2013.  Our initial post can be found here.

Now that we have played around with Canary for the past few weeks, it's time to give you our true impressions on this new product.

Firstly, the product packaging is sleek, well thought out and has a definite premium feel to it during unboxing.  A Quick Start Guide is provided and it is very simple and easy to follow.  The package also contains all the cables required so you can get started immediately.

The setup process really only takes minutes.  You first need to download the mobile app onto your smart phone (either iOS or Android), and create a Canary account to manage one or more Canary devices.  The rest of the setup is all via onscreen prompts and guides you step by step through the setup.  

Next, let's talk about the design.  We are extremely impressed with the overall design of Canary (both hardware and software).  The device feels sleek, weighty and premium whilst the user interface is clean with particular attention on the ease of use.  

Canary really is a product that you setup and forget, you can simply hook it up to your WiFi or via Ethernet at home.  You don't need to constantly fine tune or maintain it.  It's not often that we get to say this.  It just works!

Canary aims at simplifying your whole home security system packed into a tidy all-in-one device.  It sends intelligent notifications with HD video directly to your smartphone, wherever you are.  This way, you shouldn't be afraid to come home as it shows you everything's safe before you and your family walk through the door.

For people with pets, you can also check in on your pets whilst you're away watching live stream or playback from the included 1080P HD video camera.

If you have children, you can make sure the kids get home safely, and see them playing from your smartphone.

Canary can also keep an eye on things whilst you are overseas, it lets you pick emergency contacts to respond to notifications when you can't.

As an All-in-one security device, Canary features a 147 degree wide-angle 1080P HD Camera, it also comes with night vision for low light situations.

It also comes with a microphone (for watching live stream with audio) and a 90+ dB siren should you need to activate the alarm if there is an intruder.

Last but not least, Canary comes with their trademarked HomeHealth Technology which simply means they have sensors that monitor indoor temperature, humidity and air quality and alert you when it goes outside of the normal.

As you can place Canary anywhere in the home, it is perfect for rental tenants who doesn't usually have the option for a home security system.

Canary is not a cheap smart home security product in the market, but if you compare this to a traditional security system or DIY security system, you end up paying a lot less for an all-in-one device without the complexity for peace of mind for you and your family.

Note: Canary only records video & audio based on Activity.  With event based recording, you will only see several frames of the footage when it senses movement and environmental triggers.  Presumably, this type of recording also save a lot of disk space in the cloud.  Canary doesn't come with local storage options, so all recordings are automatically uploaded securely onto their cloud servers.  

Note 2: If you want to Watch Live (HD live stream), you will need a stable broadband connection that has a fast upload speed (not just download speed).  Watch Live requires a network upload speed of at least one megabit per second (1Mbps) for an optimal experience.  So far, we have tested this at home and at the office on ADSL2+, neither has an upload speed higher than 1Mbps, so Watch Live feature is not usable in this scenario.  You will need to ensure you existing broadband connection meets the upload speed requirement to utilise the Watch Live feature.

Expectations Vs Reality* (less than 1Mbps upload speed

Note 3: Canary is a WiFi product that comes with its own smartphone app, it is not possible to integrate or control this device from home automation systems such as FIBARO.

In conclusion, we are very pleased with Canary.  Unlike most crowd-funded projects, this product not only looks great on paper, it actually delivers on all the functionality on the box.  Please ensure you observe our notes on the upload speed requirement as well as the fact that it is designed as a standalone product without integration with other systems.

If you are interested in buying Canary, we have very limited stock available.

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