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Heaps of great stuff from FIBARO at CEDIA 2015

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There are lots of great stuff from FIBARO at CEDIA this year.  Let's check them out.

First up, there's the FIBARO Swipe, a wireless gesture-based control pad that allows you to control Z-Wave devices and scenes through simple hand gestures.  No need for smartphone or physically touch something.

You can assign six actions based on gesture types, up, down, left, right, circle left and circle right.

The Swipe looks like a picture frame and can be placed anywhere.  i.e.: mounted on the wall or placed on a desk.  It can still recognise gestures through granite, artwork and drywall, so you can hide it from view.

The device is battery-powered.  It seems it can be re-charged through the USB port.  Comes in Black or White version.

Expected launch: December 2015

Secondly, there's the FIBARO Button.  It's battery powered that you can click to activate Z-Wave devices and scenes.  Available in red, green, yellow and blue colours, the button can be mounted on any surface.

You can assign different scenes through single, double and triple click.

Expected launch: Early 2016

Finally, FIBARO Intercom - a door bell system with 180 degree 4K camera.  

Sound detection, motion sensor and bezel for entering PIN code with double relay so you can use it to unlock door and turn on entry lights for instance.

The Intercom is POE powered and has WiFi, GSM and Bluetooth.  Apparently, it is internally heated so it doesn't freeze when used outside your front door.  It also has a standalone app for storing video in the cloud automatically when it hears a sound or detects motion.  You can use it to send app notifications based on events and use it as an intercom/door bell in the house.

Expected launch: Early 2016

We're excited about these new products and looking forward to get our hands on them as soon as they are available in Australia

Comments on this post (1)

  • Oct 30, 2015

    Not much impressed with the “Button”. The design fits well to a factory floor or an interior stuck in Verner Panton’s 1970s space design era, not to any 2000+ or contemporary houses. If only, Fibaro took inspiration from wish lists such as below nd produced something as versatile as this –
    The Intercom looks promising, but for a security product there should absolutely be an option of ordering this without any logo on the front plate. Tamper resistance, shoulder surfing for the bezel pin entry and encryption of the communication over the RJ-45 port, if any, and over GSM/ Bluetooth are definite concerns.

    — Michal

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