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Automating your existing home

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Retro-fitting your existing home with home automation using Z-Wave products is now cost effective and easy because there is no expensive cabling or structural alteration required.  All you need to do is connect a Z-Wave controller such as FIBARO Home Center 2 to your existing router via the ethernet port, and you are ready to go.

Benefits of retro-fitting your house with home automation includes:

  • Enhanced lifestyle - controlling lighting, blinds/curtains, garage doors etc at a touch of a button (via your smartphone or tablet) anytime and anywhere
  • Backwards compatible - your existing wall switches will still function as before, with the added power to control these devices via your web and mobile devices
  • Saving money - with sensors that monitor your devices and energy consumption, you can choose to switch off less energy efficient appliances and have data intelligence at hand to make smarter energy choices within your home  

Older homes

There is no difference whether you are adding home automation to newer or older homes.  Older homes are usually less energy efficient and can benefit more from adding sensors to collect data on rooms that might consume more power.  

Wall switches can also be more challenging to access in order to fit in-wall relay switches and dimmers.  Be sure to engage a qualified electrician to ensure electrical wiring are installed properly. 


If you are planning to renovate your home, it is the best time to put home automation high on your priority list.  The innovation and modular nature of Z-Wave technology allows automation from single room up to full smart house.

Planning home automation as part of your renovation is quick and easy because you can define the level of automation required per room to suit your situation and budget.

Long term benefits

Considering the on-going money you will save, safety and security of your home and family, access and control when at home or on the road, increased resale value of your home, and the enhanced lifestyle through latest innovation; automating your home makes total sense, there is no better time to start than RIGHT NOW.

Check out our collection of products to get started with your project.

At Liferoome, we are motivated to help extend smart home automation innovations to everyone.

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