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Add romance & style to your home with a touch of home intelligence.

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Add romance & style to your home with a touch of home intelligence.

You may not be able to buy love, but you can buy smart home devices that help you show your love even better.

Now you can take the traditional date night and step it up a notch with the best smart devices to set the mood and let your actions speak as loud as your words.

Smart devices are all about making the mundane tasks easier, and we think you'll agree that everyone could use an extra hand (or intuitive smart device) when it comes to setting up the perfect romantic evening with automation for the extra sex appeal.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you wrap up and give something like a smart doorbell as an alternative to a nice bottle of wine, but you can use smart devices such as smart lighting and smart music to better help set the mood.

Best of all, you’ll be able to give the most desired gift out there to your loved one: your undivided attention.

Set the mood for love

Why you need smart devices

Date nights can easily become routine. Flowers, cards, and candy? Been there, done that. When you add smart devices into the mix, you can customise your date nights to your own liking, making it different and unique each and every time.

You no longer have to worry about buying the perfect gift or wearing the perfect outfit. Instead, you can focus on providing the perfect, most memorable experience.

When it comes to date nights, with the help of smart home technology, innovative devices can take care of much of the work for you, allowing you to spend your time and energy on that special person who really matters in your life.

Your significant other will appreciate the one-on-one attention, and you’ll enjoy some peace of mind knowing everything is already, smartly taken care of.

If you've begun to outfit your home with smart home accessories,  you can add some extra spice to your love life with some home automation triggers and scenes.

As an example, let's look at some fun stuff you can do to woo your boo.

Turning down the lights

Use a smart lock to automate the dimming of smart lights in your home. You can use smart LED bulbs in different lamps in your living room and they can all be triggered by an automation scene to dim the lights at the precise moment that the front door unlocks and your significant other arrives home.

The colour-changing bulbs can even sync with music to create that perfect overall vibe for your date.

Mood lighting

Set the scene with mood lighting

There’s a reason fancy restaurants often use candlelights instead of strong overhead lighting. 

Candlelight creates a dimly lit room that spells romance by increasing feelings of intimacy as the darkness can cause your pupils to enlarge which others naturally interpret subconsciously as signs of excitement, attraction, and, ultimately, love.

Get the lighting that makes both you and your loved one look and feel extra sexy.

Yeelight Candela - Ambience Lighting

Get Cozy

There's nothing quite like snuggling up with the one you love in a toasty home. You can combine several automation controllers by creating a Get Cozy scene in your Smart Home Gateway.

You can turn on the fireplace and turn up the heat with a scene, or turn on the air conditioner to lower the temperature so you can snuggle up to keep warm.  Whichever works best in your situation.

Get Cozy

Get Silly

Date night can be super serious or it can be super fun, that part is up to you. If you're looking to get a little silly with the help of home automation, you might consider doing this. Just make sure your partner's the type to get a kick out of something like this before you give it a go.

This activity will require a fan, some confetti, a small table, a smart lock, and a smart plug.

You'll use the same steps in your Turning down the lights to set up a scene that's triggered by unlocking the front door.

  1. Before your partner comes home, set the small table in front of the door so that it's just outside of the door's swing range.
  2. If you have a small desk fan, set it on the table near the edge. If you have a tower fan, set it behind the table.
  3. Dump your confetti onto the table. The idea is to place it so the fan can blow the confetti toward the door (and your unsuspecting partner) as soon as it turns on.
  4. Plug your smart plug into an outlet and plug your fan into the smart plug.
  5. Set up a scene that turns on the plug as soon as the door is unlocked.
  6. Make sure everything's positioned just right and wait patiently (and excitedly) for your partner to come home.
  7. Laugh your arse off.


Stream a love song playlist

Play and control music or romantic playlist with a voice command.  You can use any voice assistant services such as Apple HomeKit (Siri), Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant speakers with your Smart Home Gateway using AutomationBridge.

You can play any love song or playlist imaginable from the various music streaming services.  Along with asking Alexa / Google / Siri to play “your song,” voice controls can also turn up/down the volume and skip songs that aren’t setting the right tone for your evening. 

Music Streaming

Close your blinds for privacy and intimacy

When the both of you are in the mood, the last thing you want to do is to spoil it by getting up and leaving your partner alone in order to go manually draw the blinds closed.  

Smart blinds can offer the maximum level of convenience when you can just close the motorised shades with a touch of your smart remote control with a scene controller, your voice through AutomationBridge or simply schedule it with your Smart Home Gateway.


Putting your living space into 'romance mode' with a smart button or gesture.

Instead of adjusting the lighting, music and temperature separately before or during your romantic date, you can opt to control them all at once with a scene controller

Activating a scene with a button or a gesture with your preferred date night settings can be achieved such as dimmed lights, soft music, cozy temperature using one easy action.  This way, you instantly turn your home into a romantic getaway without having to take out your smartphone or remote control.

Let's make beautiful romance!



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