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FIBARO Home Center App 1.5.0 Update

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FIBARO Home Center App 1.5.0 Update

The new version 1.5.0 of the FIBARO Home Center app is now available.

Fibaro Home Center App 1.5.0 Update

Download the FIBARO Home Center app update to manage your smart home even more conveniently. The update includes new, extremely useful features.


Functionalities of the FIBARO Home Center 1.5 application:


1. Controlling the system using Android / Apple Watch

  • Turn on a scene via smartwatch.
  • Control heating zones via smartwatch.

2. Camera preview

  • Enable preview from IP cameras on Android /iOS devices.
  • Send camera snapshots from full-screen view.

3. Organizing virtual devices

  • Virtual devices can now be assigned to the appropriate category in the configuration interface. Currently, all of them are assigned to the Multimedia category by default.

4. Notification of completed action

  • After changing the device status, you will now receive confirmation of the action via a notification.

5. RGBW Controller management

  • RGBW Controller 2 is now fully supported by the app, so you can control the colored lighting in your home.


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