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Home Center 3 - Here's What We Know

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Home Center 3 - Here's What We Know

FIBARO has announced that Home Center 3 will be delivered to the Australian market in the second quarter of this year (July 2020). Here is what we know so far.

Features that are ready for Australian launch:
- Migrate data from Home Center 2 & Lite
- Improvements in Dashboard and Diagnostic Tools
- Dark mode
- New options for Block and Lua scenes
- Quick Apps for advanced integrations
- Lots of new integrations for supported devices

FIBARO Home Center 3 - Features for Australian Launch
Features that are planned post Australian launch (second half of 2020):
- New, improved integrations with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
- Integration with Nice devices
- Connection between HC3 gateways
- New Alarm & Climate panels
- Viewing H.264 streams from cameras

Features that are delayed (possibly until 2021):
- Support for ZigBee protocol
- Support for Bluetooth LE devices
- Gateway connection to Home Center 2 and Lite
- Temperature and Energy Consumption panels


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