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New Fibaro Home Center app

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New Fibaro Home Center app

At CES 2019, Fibaro announced their new smart home management app called Fibaro Home Center.

Fibaro Home Center App

Fibaro calls this the beginning of a new chapter in Fibaro history.

Fibaro Home Center App - New Interface

Fibaro also calls this the revolution we've been waiting for.  The new user interface is designed to make the management of your smart home more comfortable and efficient.

Fibaro Home Center App - Smart Home Management

To configure your Fibaro Home Center 2 and Fibaro Home Center Lite with the latest Fibaro Home Center app properly, please ensure you follow the following steps:

1. Make sure you upgrade the firmware on your Home Center 2/Lite to 4.530 or later.  

2. Make sure your gateway is connected to Fibaro ID and Remote Access.  Fibaro has changed the way you login to the gateway.  Whilst the app still connects locally to your Home Center, it also requires Fibaro ID authentication to improve security.  

Note: You can still connect to your Home Center without Fibaro ID when logging in offline, however, Fibaro recommends using Fibaro ID for better security.


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