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How secure is your FIBARO Home Automation System?

Update: A new video is uploaded to address the inaccurate content in relation to the Admin and Remote Access features of FIBARO Home Automation System.

Recently, there are many reports discussing security holes on smart devices and home automation systems.

At Liferoome, we believe the FIBARO Home Automation system is one of the most secure system on the market today.  Check out the video below so you can make up your own mind.

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Infographic: What Homeowners Want

This is an oldie but a goldie.  CEDIA created a top ten wish list in a 2012 consumer survey on what home owners wanted in their homes.  

More than a year has passed, do you think home owners' expectations have changed in the past year?

This year, we look forward to home automation being the norm in Australia and every home is a smart home.  Happy 2014.

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Infographic: Home Automation - Your Guide To A Growing Trend

We found a great infographic (courtesy of My Alarm Center) in the US on the growing trend of Home Automation.  It has a lot of great stuff we feel right to share with you.

Did you know that on average, you can save up to $1,154 per year on your home insurance bill by simply having Home Automation?  That's a free cup of coffee every day for the whole year.

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Canary - World's 1st consumer home security product

We like the idea of an unorthodox security device.  Canary has an HD camera with night vision with 170 degrees wide angle lens, high quality microphone and speaker, RGB LEDs, 3-axis accelerometer, motion detection (passive infrared), temperature sensor and an air quality sensor all enclosed in a tidy cylinder shaped package.  Why buy multiple devices when you can just have one. 

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