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Z-Wave from Aeotec in 2019. Putting your smart home on autopilot

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Z-Wave from Aeotec in 2019. Putting your smart home on autopilot

Aeotec used CES 2019 to set the tone for the new year. In 2019, that sees acquisitions and devices offering unparalleled quality.

  1. Door / Window Sensor 7 made its debut. It's a feature packed security and intelligence sensor built upon Aeotec's 13 year experience of making Z-Wave sensors. Door / Window Sensor 7 is a 3-in-1 device offering a contact sensor, universal binary input, and gyroscope underpinned by Aeotec’s patented Spatial Intrusion Algorithm and an 3 year battery life. Door / Window Sensor 7 will ship in Q1 2019. 

  2. Aeotec announced its acquisition of German Z-Wave maker Popp. What does this mean? More quality Z-Wave from Aeotec. They already had the largest range of quality Z-Wave products available, but they're now going to take it up a level. Future Z-Wave devices will benefit from German engineering, best-in-class Z-Wave firmware and antenna design, Aeotec’s 13 years’ experience in Z-Wave, and Popp’s 80 year experience in making home switches, sockets, and lamps. 

  3. Smart Switch 7 was previewed. You’re going to be hearing the phrase “best-in-class” a lot from Aeotec over the coming years thanks to their pivot towards Germany. And that phrase is definitely going to be applied to Smart Switch 7. Currently in development for their EU customers, Smart Switch 7 will be the smallest-best-certified smart plug available with Z-Wave. It'll be the one Z-Wave plug with all the correct certifications for you to build your solutions upon. Shipping later this year, it’ll feature energy monitoring, S2, and Smart Start.

  4. A movement sensor design for asset monitoring and tracking also made the cut for CES. An extract of the technology pioneered in Door / Window Sensor 7, ‘Movement Sensor’ (working title) is set for release later this year.

  5. Aeotec started talking about their Z-Wave 700 series roadmap. It’s early days, but they have very clear roadmap on the devices they’ll be releasing.

  6. Aeotec released a new video which sets the tone for everything they are pursuing in 2019. It's not device focussed, it's meaning focussed. It's how they see smart home and it'll underpin how they develop devices and solutions.

Here is the video on Aeotec's YouTube channel:



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