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Marsden Park in Sydney's north-west featuring Fibaro Home Automation

The new Marsden Central development project in Sydney's north-west will feature Fibaro Home Automation.

The standout technology features include ultra fast fibre internet access as well as smart home technologies throughout every apartment unit.

Check out some of the press briefings below:



Fibaro Intercom is finally here!!!

The Fibaro Intercom is finally here!!!.

Since seeing the pre-release version at Integrate a few months ago, we have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Fibaro Intercom.

We are expecting the first batch to be available in the next week or two.  Will try to do a first look video once we get our hands on it.

It officially launched last night, and we have just received the Australian price:

AUD $1,399.99

Although the price initially sounded very high, we know it has so much technology packed into this tidy little gadget.

Read more about the features here

Stay tuned for more info soon.


Smart Home Industry set for an Exponential Growth [Infographic]

With Amazon, Google, Apple and LG spearheading the expansion of home automation devices, it's no wonder the analysts are so positive about the future of the Internet of Things.

Just a couple of years ago, this emerging industry was considered a gimmick, largely championed by 'millenials' and other sub-cultures of 'early adopters'.

Today we can see that with tens of millions of smart light bulbs sold and almost 15 million units of smart speakers sold in the USA and UK alone, home automation is emerging as a serious market. So serious that the experts predict it to reach a $59 billion yearly revenue by 2020.

Although it may not sound like a lot on a global scope, that is still a sizeable industry, especially for a market sector that's less than 10 years old.

For comparison, the global music industry has a revenue of $65 billion and the retail giant eBay is pulling in as much as $175 billion in revenues yearly.

If it justifies the hopes and hits the target by 2020, the next decade could see the industry to grow exponentially.

The initial data on unit sales looks more than promising. There were 30 million units of home automation devices sold in 2016. a figure impressive on its own, yet it's bound to increase by 593% to a whopping 178 million units by 2020. The biggest portion of these sales is on account of robotic vacuum cleaners, smart speakers, thermostats and light bulbs.

One of the main problems of the current home automation industry is the very limited range of products. Although LG is developing a line of washers, fridges and other home appliances with smart features built in, generally the consumers are not spoilt for choice.

It will take more established manufacturers and startup hardware developers to come on board for the home automation industry to come into full bloom.

Check out some Smart Home Facts and Figures below courtesy of Glow Green

Original infographic can be found here:

FIBARO Examples of Use

Fibaro - Examples of Use

Below is a series of videos showcasing various examples how Fibaro can make your life easier.

1. Start with waking up the kids


2. Good morning with a coffee


3. Welcome home with Fibaro


4. Safety whilst you are away


5. Movie time in your home theatre


6. System Reminders


7. Peace of mind when you leave home


8. Leaving home in a hurry


 9. Letting the cleaner in whilst you are at work


10. Turning on appliances


11. Detect occupancy and switch off the light when no one is around


12. Alert notification when something isn't right


Hope you enjoyed them.

Apple Home + Fibaro [updated]

[Updated - 19/9/2016]

According to discussions in Fibaro Forum, it isn't true that Fibaro HC can be made HomeKit compatible through software updates.  For security reasons, Apple requires that HomeKit accessories use an embedded authentication chip in every HomeKit product.

This being the case, I can only see the possibility for a new line of HomeKit enabled Fibaro modules to include this chip.

All existing modules, as well as Home Center, can only be controlled via third party Homebridge - which is a HomeKit bridge compatible with iOS 10 and Apple Home app.

Some resource links below:


Homebridge plugin for Fibaro HC2

Fibaro Forum - Homebridge

Check out a video on how I used Siri and Homebridge with my iPhone and Apple Watch to control Fibaro HC.

Below is a video on how you can add the Fibaro modules (via Homebridge) in the Apple Home app



So, Apple just launched 'Home' on iOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV to manage all your HomeKit devices.  Find out what this means for Fibaro owners?

Based on the WWDC 2016 keynote,  I was able to catch a glimpse of the list of manufacturers that work with Apple Home App.  Lo and behold, I see the Fibaro logo on the top row.

Based on my understanding, Fibaro will be ready when Apple releases the Home app in the next few months, this is enabled through a Fibaro software update, no new hardware is required.

I look forward to controlling Fibaro Home Center and devices using Siri and directly from Control Center without launching the app.  This is a definite game changer.


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