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  • Why we love Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Terence Chang
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Why we love Fibaro Home Center 2
There are now over a thousand Z-Wave certified products on the market, represented by close to a hundred brands across the world.  You're probably wondering why we chose Fibaro Home Center 2 to be our hero product.

Home Center 2 is truly the brains behind home intelligence.  It is the European butler that we always wanted but couldn't afford... until now.  Once you setup all the compatible devices and assign them according to rooms and scenes, you literally have full control of them at your fingertips.  Speaking of control, we absolutely adore the beautiful desktop and mobile user interfaces not found on competing products. 

After playing with a number of other competing Z-Wave controllers, Fibaro HC2 has exceedingly delivered on both form and function.  In our opinion, it is the best Z-Wave controller product on the market today, and we wholeheartedly recommend it as the trusted host of your home and family.
Click here to read a mega review of Fibaro Home Center 2 by Automated Home UK that contains the most comprehensive look of this great product.

Words cannot describe our love for Fibaro Home Center 2.  We will leave you with Fibaro's beautifully produced video that captures the magic and dream of home intelligence for everyone.

I know you can't resist the temptation to get started.

  • Terence Chang
  • FibaroHome AutomationHome Center 2Z-Wave

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