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Aeotecoffers a great range of innovative and exciting Z-Wave smart home devices & gadgets.
All Brands

All Brands

The full list of Smart Home brands for sale.
Fibaro Intercom

All Products

The full range of Smart Home Gadgets we sell in Australia
Fibaro HomeKit Single Switch

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit lets you use your iOS device to configure, communicate with and control your smart home devices.  HomeKit devices can work with or without a Smart Home Gateway, just add these devices to your home to control using Apple Siri.
Fibaro Intercom

Cameras and Intercoms

We sell high quality IP cameras and intercoms so you can visually scan and look around your home in realtime, anytime and anywhere.  This will enable your DIY Home Automation system to become your home security alarm .


CoolAutomation is the expert in providing integration between your smart home  system that provides HVAC Controls, Smart Air Conditioner features in your Home Automation system.
Dome Leak Sensor


Dome makes a number of high quality yet affordable smart home products utilising Z-Wave technology for your DIY Home Automation project.
Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7

Door / Window Sensors

Door / Window Sensors can help detect when a door or window has been opened.  It is a great way to get alerts and notifications as part of your home security system.
Fibaro Dimmer 2

Featured Products

Our Featured Products


LaunchPort WallStation - White


The iPort LaunchPort iPad charging stations and sleeves use magnetic inductive charging technology that's highly innovative and user friendly.  You can mount this on the wall or can be placed on your table/desk.
Fibaro HomeKit Single Switch

Lighting & Appliances

We sell the best smart home lighting & appliance control modules for you to control devices in and around your home.
Aeotec Garage Door Controller

Motion Sensors

Motions Sensors are a great way to detect movement around your home, so you can trigger smart lighting or be a part of your wireless home alarm system.
Fibaro Z-Wave Double Relay Switch (2x1.5kW)

On Sale Now

Product Bundles

Experience the benefits of home automation and save more with our product bundles.

Qubino Z-Wave Plus Flush Shutter DC


Qubino has a great range of high quality European made Z-Wave smart home products that works as part of your Home Automation System.
Remotec Z-Wave Thermostat ZTS-500


Remotec makes a great range of Z-Wave products, specialising in climate, air conditioner and home automation scene controls.
LaunchPort Sleeve - iPad Mini - White

Scene Controllers

You can use these amazing controllers to trigger smart home scenes you have created using your voice, gestures, buttons and more.  Voice control is achieved via Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.
Fibaro Smart Implant

Sensors and Security

We sell the best smart sensors and security system to help you protect your home from accidents and theft.
Skaro AutomationBridge

Skaro Technology

Skaro Technology makes AutomationBridge which helps bring different home automation systems together to work seamlessly with all of the best voice assistant services today.  You can integrate your smart home system with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.
Fibaro Roller Shutter 3

Smart Blinds Controllers

Smart Blinds Controllers can add the maximum level of convenience and to control the climate in the room.  You can open or close the motorised shades with one touch or by scheduling it throughout the day.
FIBARO Home Center 3

Smart Home Gateways

Every smart home needs a brain.  We sell the best smart home gateway hub controllers for you to set the right path on your smart home journey.
Aeotec RGBW LED Bulb

Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LED Bulbs are a great way to create mood lighting in your home.  You can often control them using voice assistants such as Google Home & Amazon Alexa.
VistaCam 1101 Outdoor IP Camera - Product View

Vera Control

Vera Control is a leading company that makes affordable Z-Wave smart home gateway hubs and security IP cameras.
Fibaro HomeKit Flood Sensor

Water Leak / Flood Sensors

Water Leak / Flood Sensors can alert you whenever water is detected in wet areas in your home.  Providing you with home safety and peace of mind.
Fibaro Roller Shutter 3

Windows and Climate

We sell the best smart home controllers for controlling your climate and window shades to better manage your comfort levels at home.  You can even check whether your blinds are currently up or down via your home automation system.
Yale Assure Z-Wave Digital Deadbolt - Keyless


Yale is Australia and the world's trusted brands for high quality & innovative smart locks.  These locks use wireless smart home protocols such as Z-Wave and/or Bluetooth.