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Dome Z-Wave Plus Water Main Shut-Off
Dome Z-Wave Plus Water Main Shut-Off
Dome Z-Wave Plus Water Main Shut-Off
Dome Z-Wave Plus Water Main Shut-Off

Dome Water Main Shut-Off

$ 165.00

A burst pipe or leaky toilet can seriously mess up your life.

Dome Water Main Shut-Off can help you turn off your water automatically when leaks are detected or when you travel out of town.

It can even automate your water heater or anything else indoors that uses a quarter-turn ball valve (without a plumber or cutting into pipes).

This is the perfect wireless Z-Wave device to help prevent water related disasters in your home.

Dome Water Main Shut-Off

Dome Water Main Shut-Off - Just go with the flow

Shut off valve usage ideas

Dome Water Main Shut-Off - Prevent leaks

Prevent leaks

Automatically shut off the water main when there is a leak. Pair the Dome Water Main Shut-Off with a few Leak Sensors, and configure your Hub to automatically close the valve when water is detected.

Dome Water Main Shut-Off - Such convenience

Such convenience

Install in a vacation or second home to conveniently shut off the water when going out of town. Configure your Hub to automatically turn it on or off depending on your GPS coordinates! For indoor use only!

Dome Water Main Shut-Off - Use anywhere

Use anywhere

Use on any quarter-turn ball valve up to 1-1/2" in size. Automate your water boiler, Radiant heat system, or something else ancient you never thought you could automate!


Single tool installation

Installs with just a single Phillips screwdriver. No pipe wrench or fairy dust required.

No plumber needed

Installs on top of your existing valve - for indoor use only!

Extra-long power cord

Find power even in large utility rooms. No need to MacGyver a power supply.

Built-in range extended

Boost Z-Wave coverage in your home for more reliable coverage (especially in the mechanical room).

Powerful motor

Works on quarter-turn ball valves up to 1-1/2".

Small power supply

Covers only one outlet, so there's one less thing to worry about.

Dome Water Main Shut-Off - Online Documentation