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FIBARO Button Red
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FIBARO Button Z-Wave Scene Controller


$ 99.99 $ 84.00

FIBARO Button is a compact, battery-powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible device.

It allows you to control IoT devices through the Z-Wave network and run various scenes defined in your smart home gateway.

Different actions may be triggered with one to five clicks or by holding the button down.

In panic mode, each press of the button results in triggering of the emergency scene.

With its small design and wireless communication, the FIBARO Button can be conveniently mounted on any surface and in any position or location at home, e.g. beside the bed or under the desk.


Manually activate or deactivate any device and actions without the FIBARO System.

Fibaro Button - Home On

Fibaro Button - For home, business and emergencies

Choose your colour

The FIBARO Button is available in a few different colours.  It may improve the ambiance of a room if appropriately picked.

Fibaro Button - BlackFibaro Button - Black

Fibaro Button - RedFibaro Button - Red

Fibaro Button - BrownFibaro Button - Brown

Fibaro Button - OrangeFibaro Button - Orange

Fibaro Button - GreenFibaro Button - Green

Fibaro Button - YellowFibaro Button - Yellow

Fibaro Button - BlueFibaro Button - Blue

Fibaro Button - WhiteFibaro Button - White

Convenient size and mobility

The FIBARO Button can be placed virtually anywhere.  It can be fixed to a spot and moved when needed.

Fibaro Button - Convenient size and mobilityFibaro Button - Can be moved when needed

High quality and battery-powered

The finest standards of production ensure that the device works flawlessly and lasts a long time.  The FIBARO Button is powered by batteries and does not require any wires.

Fibaro Button - High quality and battery-powered

Always close

Use the FIBARO Button whenever and wherever you need it.

Fibaro Button - Always close

Visible or hidden

Depending on your needs, you can keep the FIBARO Button in view or place it out of sight.

Fibaro Button - Visible or hidden

Care for your loved ones

The FIBARO Button is great convenience for seniors, the sick, and small children along with their caretakers.

Fibaro Button - Care for your loved ones

Mobile notifications

Your loved ones are a click away and can inform you about their needs or call for help.

Fibaro Button - Mobile notifications

For the entire family

You can assign FIBARO Button to each member of your family or allow the children to turn them into little works of art.

Fibaro Button - For the entire family

Click sequences and even more possibilities

The FIBARO Button can recognise up to 6 actions.  One click can turn off the light, two clicks can activate the AC unit, holding down the button may trigger a scene, etc.

Fibaro Button - Click sequences and even more possibilities

Run complex scenes, it's so easy!

"Scenes" are synchronised actions of several devices.  With the FIBARO Button, you can run them with just one switch.

Fibaro Button - Run complex scenes, it's so easy!

Always in the right place

Place the FIBARO Button exactly where you could use an additional switch.

Fibaro Button - Always in the right place

The click to success

Activate your imagination and find uses for this innovative switch in your business.

Fibaro Button - The click to success

Feel homely at work

Many features of the FIBARO Button which are designed for home can also be used at work!

Fibaro Button - Feel homely at work

Easy to synchronise with the system

Adding the FIBARO Button to the FIBARO System is almost as simple as using it.

Fibaro Button - Easy to synchronise with the system

Never be late again

Blinds, alarm, electrical devices - when you leave, you can secure your house with a single click.

Fibaro Button - Never be late again

Wave your home good night

The FIBARO Button does not just give you a variety of uses.  It is also fun to use every day.

Fibaro Button - Wave your home good night

FIBARO Button - Detailed Description

FIBARO Button - Online Manual