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Fibaro Intercom
Fibaro Intercom
Fibaro Intercom - Front View
Fibaro Intercom - Side View
FIBARO Intercom Video Doorbell
FIBARO Intercom Video Doorbell
FIBARO Intercom Video Gate
FIBARO Intercom Video Gate
FIBARO Intercom Video Gate
FIBARO Intercom Video Gate

FIBARO Intercom

$ 1,799.99 $ 1,798.00

See who’s outside, day or night, no matter where you are

The FIBARO Intercom is a market leading doorbell solution for those who want an intelligent, elegant and multifunctional device and who want to know who is at the door and what is going on outside.

Stylish and sleek, this powerful device records footage of people outside your property with its 180-degree Full HD 1080p camera. With amazing clarity – day or night - not only does the intercom allow you to see who’s outside but it also lets you hear conversations as if they’re happening right in front of you, thanks to its two noise-reduction microphones. And if you are not at home, the person outside can leave you a message thanks to the inclusion of an SD memory card.

Best of all, when you hook the system up to an electric door catch, you can use the FIBARO turn-dial pin codes to access your home with or without keys. This is great for kids who are prone to losing things. But what makes the intercom even more powerful is the ability to time-restrict pin-codes so they work only at set times. This is super useful for people who want to give access to someone like a cleaner one day a week with the knowledge that they cannot get in at any other time. This is a great addition in augmenting your home’s security!

The FIBARO Intercom is more than just a doorbell camera. With its highly intelligent security capabilities, this smart home essential lets you watch your home and alarm you of suspicious activities remotely, giving you peace of mind even when you’re on a holiday.

This is the perfect video intercom as part of your home security system.

Fibaro Intercom - The amazing guardian of your home

The FIBARO Intercom

Strengthening your home’s security and protection
Fibaro Intercom - Multifunctional device

Bursting with functions you’d love

The Intercom is exceptional for many reasons. Albeit small, it comes with a video doorbell, two noise reduction microphones; PIN-code activation; blue-tooth proximity; a reliable speaker with perfectly clear sounds; HRD, full-HD wide angle lens camera with night mode; event notifications; and an illuminated dial. You can also use the Intercom to control two doors or two gates simultaneously (such as a driveway gate and the front door). Events are automatically recorded on the SD card and can be operated using WiFI, Ethernet (recommended), or Bluetooth.

Fibaro Intercom - Outstanding quality of sound

Hear the world as it sounds

The FIBARO Intercom’s sound quality is like no other. Listen to outside conversations and background sounds exactly as they sound.

Fibaro Intercom - Directional microphones, voice biometrics and noice reduction

Voice recognition coming soon

How would you like for the Intercom to identify your voice as its master and open doors and execute commands just for you?

Fibaro Intercom - The magic of your voice

Fibaro Intercom - Perfectly clear sound

Let your friends leave a message

If you’re not home, visitors can simply press the Intercom to leave a message for you. Easy as that!

Fibaro Intercom - Voice mail

A dedicated guardian that alerts you

One of the unique features of the FIBARO Intercom is how intensively it scans the surroundings and records even the slightest move that could be suspicious before notifying you with an alert.

 Fibaro Intercom - Play recordings

Monitor your home even when you’re away

No need to worry about the safety of your home while you’re out vacationing somewhere. With the FIBARO Intercom, you can always keep an eye on what’s happening in your property 24/7.

Fibaro Intercom - Take your home on holiday

FIBARO Intercom App

How do you remain vigilant with your surroundings even if you are at work or inside the house? Use the Intercom App and discover the possibilities for yourself.

Fibaro Intercom App

Crystal clear image quality

To date, a core problem of camera surveillance at an affordable price point has been poor image quality. However, thanks to the Intercom’s advanced image processor and precise vision matrix, you'll get crystal clear images every single time.

Fibaro Intercom - Highly developed technology of image

In fact, there’s no need to squint your eyes to know who’s at the door. Regardless of weather and lighting conditions, the Intercom always gives you a sharp view of the visitor.

Fibaro Intercom - Magnificent view quality

Fibaro Intercom - Panoramic View

Add the Camera to any room

Why limit yourself to installing the camera outside. Monitor inside environments that need it and keep track of all that is happening inside – perfect for offices, restaurants or other high traffic areas.

Fibaro Intercom - Live preview

The clearest night mode

The Intercom’s night vision camera records crisp, well-defined images and videos even in the darkest hour so you’ll always know who’s outside the door.  

Fibaro Intercom - Superior visibility even at night

Welcome back home

As you would expect of FIBARO, core devices can be configured to make your life as easy as possible. The same as you may configure the FIBARO Swipe, the FIBARO Intercom is no different. Configure scenes so that when you use it to access your property, it disables the alarm system, turns on the lights, or plays your favourite tunes whenever you arrive home after a long day.

Fibaro Intercom - Home sweet home

Bluetooth-powered entry

Did you know that the Intercom can let you into your property without having to speak or use the keys? Simply turn on your phone’s Bluetooth for the Intercom to detect your presence.

Fibaro Intercom - Bluetooth Proximity

Who forgot the keys?

If you have hooked up an electric catch to your door and someone forgets their keys, you can use your phone or computer to tell the Intercom to open the door for your loved one.  

Fibaro Intercom - Remote control

Fun ways to enter your code

Turn the Intercom’s silver knob or key in your four-digit PIN code and watch the door open in front of you (Requires electric door catch).

Fibaro Intercom - Enter your PIN code

Get updates when you’re away

Have peace of mind and be alerted whenever your kids are already home.

Fibaro Intercom - Always in touch

Assign codes for the VIPs

Those very important people in your life can get their very own code so that the Intercom can let them in without having to contact you every single time.

Fibaro Intercom - Unique code for the chosen

Expand your surveillance team

Involve your chosen family members in monitoring your home and giving commands to the Intercom by giving them access via the FIBARO Intercom app.  

Fibaro Intercom - App for your relatives

Control two gates

The Intercom can control two doors, two gates, or two entrances simultaneously making life as easy for you as possible.

Fibaro Intercom - Control two gates


Made to withstand all types of environments, the FIBARO Intercom works perfectly even in the hottest summer day or the coldest winter season (It is recommended it is not exposed to rain).

Fibaro Intercom - Resistant to all weather conditions

Your home’s most trusted guardian

The Intercom works according to your wish. Whether you want it to open doors to let your loved ones in or to watch over every corner of your property, the Intercom will never fail you.

Fibaro Intercom - Suited to your home

Burglar alert

If someone tries to dismantle the Intercom and tries to break into your property, the Intercom alerts you immediately with a picture of the intruder and a video recording of the event.

Fibaro Intercom - Theft protection

And If someone tries to enter your property or make even the slightest suspicious move, you will know, thanks to the Intercom’s extraordinary surveillance capabilities.

Fibaro Intercom - your safety home

Enhance your home surveillance system

Seamlessly integrate the Intercom with your existing monitoring system to amplify the level of protection your family deserves.

Fibaro Intercom - Integration with monitoring system

FIBARO Intercom - Detailed Description

FIBARO Intercom - Online Manual