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FIBARO KeyFob Z-Wave Plus Remote Control
FIBARO KeyFob Z-Wave Plus Remote Control
FIBARO KeyFob Z-Wave Plus Remote Control
FIBARO KeyFob Z-Wave Plus Remote Control
FIBARO KeyFob Z-Wave Plus Remote Control
FIBARO KeyFob Z-Wave Plus Scene Controller


$ 99.99 $ 97.00

You’ve taken the time to install a FIBARO (Z-Wave) system in your home, so shouldn’t you be making the most of it in the simplest way possible? That’s where the FIBARO KeyFob comes in. Z-wave compatible, this small, hand-held remote can be programmed with up to 30 different functions. All it takes is a button combination and you are able to control things like opening the door, turning on the stereo, locking the gate, dimming the lights, or raising the blinds. Because what it lacks in size, this remote definitely makes up in functionality.

Smaller than your hand, the FIBARO KeyFob allows you to programme 30 actions through the combination of single, double and triple presses through its six intuitively raised buttons. Adding a device to the smart home system is easy too. Simply open the KeyFob app on your phone, select the Fob and you’ll have it seamlessly integrated into the network in no time at all.

And if you have young ones around who just love to play with remotes, you can put your mind at ease that they will not activate something they shouldn’t. The KeyFob is equipped with a configurable, automatic pin lock to avoid any unapproved use.


The ultimate smart home remote control

Fibaro KeyFob - The remote control for your home

Ergonomic design for the perfect hold

Shaped like a smooth rock and small enough to fit in your pocket, the KeyFob is easy to use with its six raised buttons.

Fibaro KeyFob - Ideally designedFibaro KeyFob

Fibaro KeyFob - Perfection in every elementFibaro KeyFobFibaro KeyFobFibaro KeyFob

Adding a device is as easy as 1, 2, 3

No need to configure complicated settings in your smart home system. To add a device, simply open the KeyFob app in your phone and decide which button and combination the device activates.

Fibaro KeyFob - Quick and easy inclusionFibaro KeyFob - Configuration of buttons

30 commands, 1 small apparatus

Picture it: Six buttons with twenty-four 1 to 3 click-and-hold options plus six 2- to 5-button combinations; that’s a whole lot of commands to power up your home.

Fibaro KeyFob - Up to 30 possible actions

Fibaro KeyFob - Combination buttons

Safety is front of mind

Give the power to command your home to those you trust by locking the KeyFob with a fully configurable, automatic PIN lock.

Fibaro KeyFob - Mindful of safety

Automate your entire home

Whether it is controlling the lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, alarm system, or your appliances, all you need is the handy FIBARO KeyFob.

Fibaro KeyFob - One controls the whole house

Your vital assistant at work

Why limit automation to your home? The value the KeyFob can bring to a workplace is immeasurable. Imagine the doorbell ringing and your ability to buzz them in, change the lighting to meeting mode, boil the kettle for coffee and raise the blinds, all with a few simple clicks!

Fibaro KeyFob - Irreplaceable at workFibaro KeyFob - Access depending on your needs

Activate scenes from the gate

Getting home from work shouldn’t be complicated. Thanks to the actions and scenes that you can configure in the KeyFob, you can ensure that when you get home and use the FIBARO KeyFob to open the garage that your hallway lights come on, and the air-conditioning starts so that your home is ready to welcome you back.

Fibaro KeyFob - Comfort and safety

Small and portable for you to carry everywhere

Small enough to sit on your keyring, or tuck into your handbag, the KeyFob fits into your life easily.

Fibaro KeyFob - A control made just for you

Unfailing even in harsh conditions

The FIBARO KeyFob is designed to resist water and dust and to withstand impacts and unauthorised attempts to open the casing, thanks to highly secure IP54 technology.

Fibaro KeyFob - 100% reliable

Fibaro KeyFob - Opens the door before your eyes

Bring joy to your loved ones

The benefit of having a FIBARO KeyFob is being able to automate tasks that would otherwise require you or your family members to get up and do several things at once. If you have a FIBARO system at home, you owe it to yourself to add a KeyFob to the system. Buy yours today!

Fibaro KeyFob - Make life easier for your loved ones

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