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Fibaro Smart Implant
Fibaro Smart Implant
Fibaro Smart Implant - Angle View
Fibaro Smart Implant - Back View
Fibaro Smart Implant - Front View
Fibaro Smart Implant - Side View
FIBARO Smart Implant Z-Wave Plus

FIBARO Smart Implant

$ 95.00 $ 80.00

Bring old appliances to life and integrate them into your Smart Home

You probably have countless devices around the house or office which you have more than once wished were controllable through your Z-Wave or FIBARO system. Well, wish no more! The FIBARO Smart Implant is a small cube that holds incredible powers for your run-of-the-mill appliances.

Designed to seamlessly integrate non-smart devices with your Z-Wave-powered smart home system, this tiny yet mighty tool is the key to transforming your residence into a fully automated hub.

Despite being small (just 29 mm x 18 mm x 13 mm), it is compatible with binary and 0-10 V sensors and can support up to 6 temperature sensors. The Smart Implant works its magic as the ultimate remote control which can perform up to 12 possible actions in a single scene. Best of all, it comes with wireless communication and can be operated using a smartphone or voice command.

Use it to enhance your heating system, garage door technology, turn on and operate your old stereo system, set the alarm system, or active the garden watering system. In short, the Smart Implant makes for easier and more convenient management of devices you love but want to bring into the era of the smart home. And once a device is paired, you can add it to different scenes. Just think how cool it will be when you use your FIBARO Swipe to activate a scene and your old lamp lights up, or your stereo turns on.

It’s time you met the FIBARO Smart Implant—bringing new life to your old yet most loved devices.

FIBARO Smart Implant

The gateway device that transforms your old appliances into smart devices.

Fibaro Smart Implant - Enhance your appliances by making them smartFibaro Smart Implant - Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave and IFTTT

Tiny but capable

The Smart Implant may be small, but it has been intelligently developed to work as your appliance’s brain. Configure it to your device of choice and enjoy the benefits of smart functionality without having to pay for an expensive new appliance, through the complex simplicity of Z-Wave technology.

Fibaro Smart Implant - The element of intelligence with great power

Safe to install

Worried about what happens if you are connecting your device and mix up the polarity? Well don’t be, the Smart Implant uses low voltage (9-30V) so you can work in safety.

Works harmoniously with existing alarm devices

The Smart Implant is smart enough not to interfere with your prevailing alarm system so integrate it without ramifications to your house security.

Fibaro Smart Implant - Safe in installation, Neutral for the device

How do you make your garage smart?

Want to make your garage door work as part of your automation system? The good news is, there is no need to upgrade to a more complicated door system. Automate the opening and closing of your existing garage door with the FIBARO Smart Implant and the FIBARO KeyFob.

Fibaro Smart Implant - Garage door with smart features

Integrate your existing alarm system with ease

If you have a wired alarm system that needs to be joined with your home automation system, let the Smart Implant help you with that. After the integration, use your phone to secure your property through the system.

Fibaro Smart Implant - An alarm system integrated with your smart home

Automate your home heating

Manage the heating and cooling in your home by installing the Smart Implant in the controller of your air conditioning unit or underfloor heating. Set the schedule through your smartphone or simply let the Implant do its job by setting up scenes with a FIBARO sensor.

Fibaro Smart Implant - The heating system is now a part of a smart home

Smart gardening? Now that’s possible!

Ever dreamed of automating the watering system in your garden? When paired with water, temperature or wind sensors you can use the Smart Implant to ensure you never need to manually water the garden again.

Fibaro Smart Implant - Sensors that will make your garden smart

Your old appliances rebooted

If you think your old appliances will never become smart, well think again. Thanks to the impressive powers of the Smart Implant, it is now possible to make your old radios, amplifiers and projectors part of your smart home.

Fibaro Smart Implant - Second life for your old devices

Make your house into a home theatre with ease

Impress family and friends with your ability to transform a room in seconds. Install the FIBARO Smart Implant in a wall switch and your selected equipment and give the command. Within seconds you can have the lights dimmed, the blinds pulled down, the TV on, and the sound system activated. Why do each thing separately when you can do it all with a simple command?

Fibaro Smart Implant - Smart switch for activating Fibaro system scenes

A game-changer that puts you in control!

Jam-packed with features that allow you to remotely control devices which may not be connected, the Smart Implant gives you the ability to control your house or office like never before.

If you want to learn first-hand why the Smart Implant is a game changer buy yours today!

Fibaro Smart Implant - A device for special tasks

FIBARO Smart Implant - Online Manual