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Fibaro Swipe
Fibaro Swipe
Fibaro Swipe - Front View
Fibaro Swipe - Angled View
Fibaro Swipe - Side View
Fibaro Swipe - Back View
Fibaro Swipe - Gesture Pad
FIBARO Swipe Z-Wave Plus Gesture Controller


$ 349.00 $ 245.00

Add sophistication to your Z-Wave smart home system with the FIBARO Swipe. Disguised as a tablet it comes packed with innovative functionalities that are so intuitive that you will begin to question how you lived without this sleek, elegant gadget before.

Swipe left, right, up, down, or rotate your hand in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction and watch as your electronics turn on or off, the lights dim, your curtains open or control the TV or your music without touching the devices themselves. Best of all, as with all things FIBARO, the possibilities are almost endless.

But what makes the FIBARO Swipe truly different, is its versatility. Whether you want to mount a picture inside it and use it as a photo frame, hide it behind wallpaper or under a desk, or use it as a security keypad, the Swipe can be both functional and a seamless part of your home thanks to the built-in 3D Near-Field motion identification technology.

For a more impressive smart home automation system, invest in the FIBARO Swipe now.

Please note: Currently available in white only.

The magic of your hands

All it takes is one gesture to start controlling your home devices. Everything is literally at your fingertips!

Fibaro Swipe - Swipe the magic

Six gestures to power up your home

Swipe left, right, up, down, make an L gesture, or go circular—the Swipe’s high-resolution sensor intelligently detects even the most complex hand movements. Discover it for yourself.

Fibaro Swipe - Discover the power of gestures

Uncover all the tasks you can do

Whether you want to turn off the lights, move the blinds down, or play some music in the background, once you have programmed the Swipe, all it takes is you to move your hand and your devices will come to life. Everything relies on the motion of your hands.

Fibaro Swipe - Now it's your move

Sophisticated design

Sleek and stylish on the outside but extraordinarily powerful on the inside, the Swipe will work even if you’ve hidden it under the table. But then again, why would you hide it, given just how sleek and elegant it looks?

Fibaro Swipe - Design to delight

Quality and precision

Fibaro Swipe - Quality and precision

Need an extra picture frame?

Functionality is as important as looking good. The Swipe not only helps you control your life, but can be used as a photo frame to display a portrait of your family or perhaps your favourite travel photo.

Fibaro Swipe - Beautiful, just like you

Powerful and Portable

Whether you want to keep it in one position or have the flexibility to move it room-to-room, the ability to use USB power or four AA batteries means the Swipe is always powered up and ready.

The choice is yours.

Fibaro Swipe - Stationary or mobile

Blends beautifully in your interior

The Swipe is one of the most beautiful home automation devices out there. Aesthetically pleasing and crafted to match any type of interior design, you can virtually display it to enhance a room’s overall look.

Fibaro Swipe - It matches any interior - living roomFibaro Swipe - It matches any interior - bedroomFibaro Swipe - It matches any interior - home office

Display it for easy access …

You can make the Swipe part of your décor. It looks good and has the benefit of being there, ready to detect your hand gestures to activate tasks in your smart home.

Fibaro Swipe - Put in on display

… or put it on stealth!

Even if you don’t display the Swipe, it is powerful enough to recognise your hand commands even when placed beneath the kitchen table or hidden behind the wall.

Fibaro Swipe - Hide it under a kitchen counter

Place it under the benchtop

The Swipe works through the benchtop surface or virtually through any fixture. Maximise your space without sacrificing on features.
Fibaro Swipe - Hidden under the bench top

It’s time to imagine life with the FIBARO Swipe

The Swipe is ready to help you make your home future proof. We have controls to power on the TV, move the curtains and turn on the pool filter, so isn’t it time you had a control which can control entire sequences of events with one simple gesture?

Fibaro Swipe - Turn on LED lights in kitchenFibaro Swipe - Turn off LED lights in kitchen

Live your life effortlessly

Teach your loved ones how to perform tasks without getting up from the sofa. Whether it’s making coffee, regulating the indoor temperature, or letting more light into your home, with the Swipe, no task is too complicated for your family members to carry out.

Fibaro Swipe - Make life easier

Listen to your favourite beats

With a wave of your hand, you can adjust the volume and settings, and set the mood with the songs that you love.
Fibaro Swipe - Control audio devices 

Nothing is beyond reach

There’s no need for you to climb up the ladder to close the skylight or open it to let the light in. With a swipe of your hand, you can now operate with ease devices that seemed unreachable.

Fibaro Swipe - Reach inaccessible places

Do wonders in your office

Who says the Swipe is made for your homeonly? Configure the Swipe to control the projector, lights, and blinds in your office. 

Fibaro Swipe - Smart not only at home

100% Hands-free

Busy getting down and dirty in your garden? No need to wash your soiled hands to play the TV or to open the door. Simply wave your hand and voila!

Fibaro Swipe - Hands full of dirt?

Power down or lock up in one move!

When the day is done, or it’s time to go, activate the Swipe’s “Goodbye Scene” with a single movement. Have the blinds lowered, lighting turned off or set the alarm to secure your home before you walk out the door. That’s the power of Swipe!

Fibaro Swipe - Good morning, time to get up

If you want to learn more, get in touch with us or if you’re ready to get Swipe into your house, buy one now!

Fibaro Swipe - Wave Goodbye


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