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With an increasing supply of housing and limited architectural styles in Australia,  making your property stand out whilst maximising the value of the development can be challenging.  Whether you are in the business of turning a profit or managing the risks on your property development, the art of balancing costs and delivering perceived value can be the difference between success and failure.

At Liferoome, we believe 'innovation' is the key differentiator in delivering success.  We can collaborate with you to deliver the 'wow' factor required to win using our innovative smart home and home automation solutions.

Home Automation - The Past

Whilst smart homes and home automation technologies have been around for two or three decades, those technologies have been a niche segment either for the very affluent, or extreme technophiles who wanted to do a few things like control their lights or window shades remotely, or stream audio-video content between rooms, or do some basic home monitoring.

Historically, these systems were expensive and inflexible requiring coordination of various specialist installers that can cause big delays in your development project. 

Home Automation - Today

Liferoome sees a new day dawning for the industry due to a perfect confluence of key market, regulatory, strategic and technology trends.

First is the pull from consumers who desire to use products such as iPhones and iPads to control and enhance their lifestyles on user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. The regulatory drivers come from governmental directives, whereby countries and utilities are mandated to better control the generation, distribution and consumption of power in residences.

Furthermore, we have now entered the era of wireless technology such as Z-Wave, the wide adoption of Internet and the mainstream appeal of voice assistance such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.  These new devices do not require infrastructure cabling and can be installed at any time near the end of the project timeline.  Being Internet enabled, the technology now offers the flexibility to control and monitor home automation systems from any point even out and far from homes from your smartphones.

Liferoome Projects

What does it mean?

Today, home buyers and investors are looking for property development projects that deliver a higher living standards and inclination towards more convenient lifestyle.  Home automation can meet the new consumer demands as well as addressing environmental benefits through power savings and providing data to help save money on utilities.   This results in an on-going return on investment for everyone. 

At Liferoome, we continue to focus our efforts in addressing the issues that are faced by our client partners who are considering home automation.  We are pleased to offer wireless home automation solutions that aim to deliver on the following benefits:

    1. Save money with wireless technology - no expensive infrastructure or cabling requirement
    2. Save money on non-invasive installation - can retro-fit existing and older homes, not just new dwellings
    3. Save money on a modular system - can start with a few products and add more when future requirements arise
    4. Save money on existing devices - can integrate with most devices in the home without replacing existing appliances
    5. Comfort through security - can make the dream of safeguarding the home and the family members of every Australian a reality
    6. Comfort through higher lifestyle standards - controlling every aspects of the house anywhere and anytime appeal to everyone seeking convenience and peace of mind
    7. Feel good about the 'wow' factor - you will stand out amongst your peers that do not have innovative home automation options
    8. Feel good about increased value - increasing the value of your property in the eyes of potential buyers and tenants
    9. Feel good about energy efficiency - dual benefits of being 'green' and save money on energy bills at the same time 
    10. Feel good about making the smart choice  - protecting your investment using our products which are compatible with existing and future certified Z-Wave devices
Next Steps

Please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom to discuss about your upcoming project.  We have many high profile clients who have already enjoyed the benefits of including smart home technology in their projects.  We are able and willing to help you tailor a suitable solution according to your requirements and budget.

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