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CoolAutomation CoolPlug

CoolAutomation CoolPlug

$ 715.00

CoolPlug and CooLinkHub are CoolAutomation gateway solution to help you remotely access and control Multi-split and split air conditioning systems.

The Climate Control solution enables simple integration with Home Automation and Smart Home devices.

The gateway supports various HVAC manufacturers products to deliver a great customer experience and saves you time on complex HVAC integration.

Note: CoolPlug is brand specific so you must order the correct CoolPlug to pair with your HVAC brand.  CooLinkHub (sold separately) is a generic device and not brand specific.  

The solution combines two key elements.  CoolPlug - a device that easily connects to the indoor unit and CooLinkHub that links all CoolPlugs together, providing connectivity to the relevant channels, Ethernet (TCP-IP), RS232, ModBus, and KNX.  

As a result, you can connect your HVAC to your Home Automation system such as Fibaro Home Center 2 and Fibaro Home Center Lite, as well as taking advantage of the cloud-based CoolRemote app to remotely control your HVAC system.

We currently sell CoolPlugs that are compatible with the following popular HVAC manufacturers:

- Daikin
- Fujitsu
- Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
- LG