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Dome Leak Sensor
Dome Leak Sensor
Dome Leak Sensor - Front View
Dome Leak Sensor with Probe
Dome Z-Wave Plus Leak Sensor
Dome Z-Wave Plus Leak Sensor
Dome Z-Wave Plus Leak Sensor Water Flood Detector

Dome Leak Sensor

$ 79.99 $ 77.00

Use the Dome Leak Sensor with your Z-Wave Smart Home Hub to potentially save thousands of dollars in water damage.

You can get an alert or turn off your water main when an appliance malfunctions, the toilet leaks, or when the sump pump starts to overflow.

It also has multiple mounting options and a remote sensor probe, so the Leak Sensor can monitor any water-related appliance or fixture.

This is the perfect wireless Z-Wave device to help prevent water related disasters in your home.

Dome Leak Sensor

Dome Leak Sensor - Thirsty for action

Dome Leak Sensor usage ideas

Dome Leak Sensor - Monitor your (water) streaming services

Monitor your (water) streaming services

Receive an alert or shut off your water main if your toilet leaks. Place the Dome Leak Sensor near your toilet or other fixtures and configure your Hub to take action when water is detected.

Dome Leak Sensor - Your sump pump's new acquaintance

Your sump pump's new acquaintance

Know when the sump pump fills up, BEFORE it overflows. Dangle the remote sensor probe in the tank to receive a notification and hear an alarm if the water level rises higher than it should.

Dome Leak Sensor - Fits in with any crowd

Fits in with any crowd

Stop worrying about appliances leaking. The remote sensor probe can fit under refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers to let you know when something fishy happens.


Battery powered

Use anywhere in your home without running any wires or looking for power.

Built-in buzzer

To alert those nearby when water is detected.

Flexible installation

Use it anywhere - mount on a wall next to a fixture, place it next to a water heater, etc.

Low profile

To fit underneath appliances and stay out of your way.

Remote sensor probe

For use in tight spaces, sump pumps, or under appliances.

Water resistant

So you don't have to throw it away after one use.

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