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Fibaro Lighting Bundle
Fibaro Lighting Bundle
Fibaro Home Center 2 (Silver)
Fibaro Single Switch 2
Fibaro Double Switch 2
Fibaro Dimmer 2

Fibaro Lighting Bundle

$ 2,984.00 $ 2,699.00

Your home can be smarter than you think. This is the perfect bundle for automating  a wide selection of lighting in your home.

Explore the benefits of home automation and smart lights with a Fibaro Lighting Bundle.

Fifteen (15) smart lighting modules together with Fibaro Home Center 2 (Silver) will let you experience what Fibaro has to offer in smarter ways of controlling your lights.  

Installation is fast and easy, it does not require any changes to the structure of your building.

Powered devices require an electrician to install and can be hidden behind wall switches.

A Fibaro System gives you endless possibilities of customisation, everything depends on your preferences and needs.

It helps to take care of your loved ones, allowing you to remotely control your home, save time and money.

Our Fibaro Lighting Bundle includes:

1 x Fibaro Home Center 2 (Silver) - this is the most advanced brain for your smart home.  Designed to take care of your lighting and expandable to manage your everyday comfort and the safety of all your family members whilst helping you save on energy costs.  Using the user-friendly configuration interface of the Fibaro Home Center 2, you can create advanced, pre-defined scenes, as well as better integration with a wide selection of devices.

The following modules should only be installed by a qualified and licensed electrician. 

5 x Fibaro Single Switch 2 - designed to be installed inside standard wall switches or anywhere else where it is necessary to control one 240V electrical devices such as smart lighting, gate, garage door and more.  It is also equiped with active power and energy consumption metering functionality.

5 x Fibaro Double Switch 2 -  designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes or anywhere else where it is necessary to control two electrical devices.   It also lets you control connected devices either via the Z-Wave Plus network or via wall switches connected directly to it.  Fibaro Double Switch 2 is equipped with active power and energy consumption metering functionality.

5 x Fibaro Dimmer 2 - designed to work with various types of light sources. It may be connected to 2-wire or 3-wire configurations, so it can operate with or without a neutral lead.  Fibaro Dimmer 2 can switch or dim connected light source either through Z-Wave or through the wall switch connected directly to it.  With active power and energy metering functionality, this versatile module can also work with various types of switches - momentary, toggle, 2-way, etc.

Fibaro Home Center 2 - Detailed Description

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Fibaro Single/Double Switch 2 - Detailed Description

Fibaro Single/Double Switch 2 - Online Manual

Fibaro Dimmer 2 - Detailed Description

Fibaro Dimmer 2 - Online Manual