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Fibaro Starter Kit
Fibaro Starter Kit
Fibaro Home Center Lite
Fibaro Motion Sensor
Fibaro Flood Sensor
Fibaro Door / Window Sensor 2 (White)
Fibaro Single Switch 2
Fibaro Dimmer 2

Fibaro Starter Kit

$ 1,249.00 $ 1,139.00

A perfect way to start your smart home journey. 

Explore the benefits of home automation with a Fibaro Starter Kit.

Five intelligent devices together with Home Center Lite will introduce you to a smarter way of living.  

Installation is fast and easy, it does not require any changes to the structure of your building.

The battery operated devices are ready to use in just a few minutes and they enrich any space with their unique, organic design.  Powered devices require an electrician to install and can be hidden behind wall switches.

A Fibaro System gives you endless possibilities of customisation, everything depends on your preferences and needs.  It helps to take care of your loved ones, allowing you to remotely control your home, save time and money.

Our Fibaro Starter Kit includes: 

1 x Fibaro Home Center Lite - this is the brain of your smart home.  A Z-Wave gateway designed to manage any home automation devices.  The features and compact size make it perfect for apartment units.

1 x Fibaro Motion Sensor - informs you about any visits from uninvited guests.  Combined with other devices, it can take further actions to protect your valuables and property.

1 x Fibaro Flood Sensor - informs you about any water leaks.  So in case of emergency, you can act as quickly as possible.  Thanks for its compact size, it can be put even into hard-to-reach places to avoid water damage in your home or flooding at your property.

1 x Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 (White) - a wireless, battery operated, magnetic door/window sensor.  To be used with doors, windows, garage doors, etc in home automation scenes, security, monitoring and safety systems.

The following modules should only be installed by a qualified and licensed electrician. 

1 x Fibaro Single Switch 2 - designed to be installed inside standard wall switches or anywhere else where it is necessary to control one 240V electric devices such as lighting, appliances and more.  It is also equiped with active power and energy consumption metering functionality.

1 x Fibaro Dimmer 2 - designed to work with various types of light sources. Fibaro Dimmer 2 can switch or dim connected light source either through Z-Wave or through the wall switch connected directly to it.  With active power and energy metering functionality, this versatile module can also work with various types of switches - momentary, toggle, 2-way, etc.