Mi Electric Scooter

AUD 719.95


Mi Electric Scooter

AUD 719.95

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MI Electric Scooter

Introducing the Xiaomi Mijia M365 Smart Electric Foldable Scooter

Xiaomi released its M365 electric scooter boasting a unique folding design.  

It is made from Aerospace-grade aluminium alloy and weighs just 12.5kg.  

It also has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance for added durability.

Furthermore, it adopts advanced E-ABS braking system, kinetic energy recovery, cruise control and intelligent BMS systems.

Smart, practical, as well as beautiful, you will absolutely love it!

Mi Electric Scooter

The minimal yet modern design of Mi Electric Scooter has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot "Best of the Best", as well as the iF Design Awards in 2017.

Mi Electric Scooter has a forward-thinking design that inspires and moves, just as it moves you ahead.

Let the journey unfold

Intuitive and easy to learn
30km long range battery life
Double braking system
Portable folding design

Mi Electric Scooter - Lifestyle

The Mi Electric Scooter comes with a dual-brake system.

The front wheel has E-ABS anti-lock system, while the rear wheel uses mechanical disc brake.  

The braking distance can be shortened to just 4 metres, making a safer ride.

Mi Electric Scooter - Folding Design

Works as simple as it looks

Every aspect of the Mi Electric Scooter is crafted with simplicity in mind.

The scooter frame, components and accessories use the same geometric design language that puts usability and the user at the front.

A single button kicks the scooter to life and the red design accents add modernity.

The 3 seconds quick folding design is both stable and convenient.

Mi Electric Scooter is made to look right, and feel right.

MI Electric Scooter - Easy to fold and carry

The Mi Electric Scooter has a great portable size and weight for carry-ons and for maneuvering stairs and pavements.

Mi Electric Scooter - LED Power Indicator

Anti-slip handle provides a great grip and control over the scooter, even for longer rides.

Give the accelerator a gentle downward push and adjust the amount of pressure until you reach a controlled and comfortable speed.

There are 4 LED power indicator lights displaying the battery capacity, so you can easily tell the battery life remaining at a glance. 

Power button controls switching on and shutting down the scooter.

You can also short press to switch headlights on/off, and double press switch between normal and power saving modes.

Powered by 18650 7800mAh lithium-ion battery pack by LG, it has the capacity of 280Wh, offering an extra long cruising distance of 30km on a single charge.

Mi Electric Scooter - Smartphone App Ride Statistics Mi Electric Scooter - Smartphone App Cruise Control

Turn your smartphone into your dashboard

Simply pair the Mi Electric Scooter via Bluetooth and use the app to view current speed, remaining power, and other real-time riding statistics.

The Mi Electric Scooter also adopts intelligent Battery Management System so you can check the battery health and capacity the smartphone app.

Using the core cruise control technology in cars, Mi Electric Scooter uses a unique algorithm that receives signal input from speed sensors to maintain smooth and stable cruise control.

This reduces tension and fatigue for riders, as well as optimises battery for longer rides.

Mi Electric Scooter - Ultra-bright headlights
Mi Electric Scooter - Ride at night
Mi Electric Scooter - Rear tail lights for braking
Mi Electric Scooter - Kick Stand
Mi Electric Scooter - Skid resistant inflatable tyre

Shock-absorbing tyres for a smoother ride

The large 21.5cm front and rear tyres have great shock absorption and anti-slip threads.

Coupled with a 250W brushless DC motor for stable power output, the Mi Electric Scooter is set to deliver a smoother riding experience.

Mi Electric Scooter - Kinetic energy recovery system

Recovers and regenerates energy

In order to extend battery life, the Mi Electric Scooter converts and stores kinetic energy during acceleration into electrical power.

It is also fitted with regenerative braking for additional power.

This enhances emergency braking experience and improves battery life at the same time.

Mi Electric Scooter - At HomeMi Electric Scooter - OutdoorsMi Electric Scooter - At WorkMi Electric Scooter - Work & Leaisure
MI Electric Scooter - Dimensions
[5] Cruise control not recommended above speeds of 25 km/h, on curved paths, heavy traffic conditions, or during rainy and snowy conditions.


Model Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter
Weight 12.5kg
Maximum Torque 16N.m
Maximum Speed 25km/h
Distance 30km on a single charge
Braking System Dual Brake - Front: E-ABS, Rear: Mechanical Disc
Braking Distance 4 metres
Waterproof Grade IP54
Pedal Ground Clearance 87.5mm
Charger Input Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Charging Time 5.5 hours
Charger Type EU plug with Australian adapter
Climbing Gradient 15 Degrees
Max Load 100kg
Warranty 1 Year
Package Content 1 x Electric Scooter, 1 x Charger, 1 x AU adapter, 2 x Spare Tyres