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Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master
Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master
Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master - Side View

Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master

$ 89.00 $ 63.99

Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master is a Z-Wave enabled secondary controller for your Z-Wave network.

When buttons on the ZRC-90 is pushed, your Z-Wave central controller will receive a signal which it can use to trigger unlimited control possibilities.

With 8 buttons, each supporting a long-press capability, you can control 16 different actions in your central controller.

The ZRC-90 is a great solution for triggering events more quickly than taking out your smart-phone and running a home control App.

The Scene Master is ideal for kids, elderlies and guests who may not have full access to your smart home's mobile application and hence may not have the rights to switch on various lighting, heating, air conditioning and other home appliance.

With a convenient snap-in wall mount, the ZRC-90 can also be removed to keep it handy while you go about your home for the ultimate in simple convenience.